Aims - Mid Warwickshire Neighbourhood Watch Association

Aims of the
Mid-Warwickshire Neighbourhood Watch Association

1. Promote good citizenship and greater community participation in the prevention and solution of crime.

2. Promote the reduction and fear of crime.

3. Provide information, advice and support to all existing and new NW schemes in Mid Waricckshire.

4. Act as a link (in both directions) between neighbourhood Watch and the Police in Mid Warwickshire on matters of wider or more serious concern than purely local day-to-day matters.

5. Act as a link (again in both directions) between Street (grass-root) Schemes and the Warwickshire Neighbourhood Watch Association.

6. Foster and maintain co-operation between Neighbourhood Watch and other community voluntary and statutory organisations and local government agencies, especially in connection with Safer Neighbourhoods policies and strategies.

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updated 23 July 2015