Smartwater - Mid Warwickshire Neighbourhood Watch Association


Have You Got Yours Yet?

Smartwater is a revolutionary product for marking property.
It contains a blend of harmless chemicals,
These provide it with a "forensic fingerprint".
This fingerprint similar in concept to "DNA profiling".

Once applied, smartwater makes the possession of stolen property a risky business. It is a permanent mark. Each bottle of Smartwater will mark approximately 120 items. It is detectable through the use of an ultra violet lamp, immediately obvious by the fluorescent glow. Advertising the use of Smartwater around your home is a major deterrent to potential burglars. The use of Smartwater has a proven record in significantly reducing burglaries. Smartwater is available at a significantly discounted price to members of Neighbourhood Watch in Mid-Warwickshire. Studies have shown that the most powerful deterrent for any criminal is the thought that they might get caught.

         Since SmartWater has been introduced to certain areas,
there has been a 31% reduction in burglary.

Don Herbison-Evans (
updated 23 July 2015